The Diabetic Foot

A guide program for the casting of the diabetic foot


  • To show different casting techniques with this interactive concept to achieve off-loading of diabetic foot ulcers or Charcot changes.
  • To ensure the quality of plaster treatment in foot ulcers and osteoarthropathy and minimize complications such as chafing (friction) and pressure (compression).
  • To facilitate proper selection of plaster or synthetic cast in different types of ulcer locations and at various stages of the healing process.
  • To know the background of the cause of the ulcer and make an individual form of treatment based on the patient's ability to tolerate the treatment.
  • To find a good transition to orthopedic supplies, at the right stage of healing.

Per Flink
Plaster technician
Skåne University Hospital

Thorleif Strand
Plaster technician
Poptek Gipsteknik AB

Paul Ipsen
Plaster technician
Hässleholms Hospital

In collaboration with

and Associate Professor Jan Apelquist
Endocrinology Clinic
Skåne University Hospital