Recommended casting types

Phase 1
Oedema, exudation , no ulcer healing up to 4 weeks
Phase 2
Reduced oedema , less exudation,improved healing , achieved off-loading
Phase 3
Healed / Substantielly improved healing. Prepare for transition to orthotic treatment post _TCC ( insoles , orthosis ) after removal of the cast
Phase 4
Orthotic treatment post - TCC. Any orthotic treatment shall be ready for use after the removal of the cast.
Digiti 1 plantar
Median healingtime 5,8w
Digiti 2 5 plantar
Median healingtime 5,9 w
Caput metarsale 1
Median healingtime 6,4 w
Caput metatarsale 2 - 5
Median healingtime 8,2 w
Plantar ulcer / plantar incision
Median healingtime 19,4 w
Heel ulcers
Median healingtime 23,4 w
Forefoot amputation / Toe amputation
Median healingtime 16,5 w
Osteoartropathy / Charcot
Median healingtime 16,9 w

Casting types
Total Contact Cast - with footplate under the toes
Rigid , non removable
Total Contact Cast - with toe-lock
Rigid , non removable
Bivalved cast with straps
Rigid , removable
Semirigid , non removable
Combicast orthosis
Semirigid , removable
Geisha Shoe
Semirigid or rigid , removable or non removable
Prefab Ortos
Prefabricated orthosis
Rigid , removable